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Our Specialties

  • Environmental Brush Cutters: Chipping of Seismic ROW, pipeline ROW, wind farms, solar farms, frac ponds, locations, facilities, waterlines, roads, power lines, erosion control, ranch work etc.  

  • Dozers, Motorgraders, Excavators: Clearing of Pipeline ROW, frac ponds, pit reclamation, locations, facility pads, seismic row, solar farms, wind farms, ranch work, rootplow, aerating, ROME Disking, stacking brush, hunting lease maintenance, roads etc.  

  • Brush Crews: Clearing fence lines, highway fencelines, powerlines, overhang and sensitive or environmental areas. 

  • Fencing Crews: Repairs and or installation of Temporary/Permanent gates, fencing, environmental fencing, silt fencing, straw logs etc. 

  • Mowing Crews: Maintenance of Pipelines, power lines, waterlines, hunting leases, ranch work etc.

  • Remediation Crews: Remediation and seeding of pipeline ROW, powerline ROW, Windfarms, solar farms, erosion control, ranches, hunting leases and location reclaims.


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Paisano Lease Company, Inc.

4886 Hwy 59, Freer, TX 78357, US

Danny Garza (361) 318-4780


Monday - Friday: 7am - 5pm

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